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What is Modern Minimalist Art?

Modern Minimalist Art

Contemporary art is 'of the times' and continually evolving every day. Art fundamentally allows one to express themselves completely, without any inhibitions or judgments.

Art is always open to interpretation and depends on the perception of every individual. Modern minimalist art is an emerging, new genre of art. It is unique and unexplored. In this article, we will be learning more about modern minimalist art.

What is modern minimalist art?

Modern minimalist art is inspired by the minimalist art movement that began after the Second World War. The idea behind this abstract movement was to strip down to the essential basic art and put forward the beauty in the most simplistic way. Minimalism art reduces the design of the art subject down to just the necessary elements.

Modernism and modern art dominated the 20th century and ended after the Pop Art movement. Minimalism bridges both the modern art periods and contemporary art periods and remains a dominant style today.

Modern minimalist art examples

There are many noteworthy minimalist names who made a huge difference in shaping modern minimalist art.

Ellsworth Kelly is known globally as one of the most influential Minimalist painters. He was not overtly minimalist, which also made his work seem somewhat controversial.

His work seemed like a piece of the abstract. There was no meaning, symbolism, or theme, which pointed towards a minimalist approach on its own.

Frank Stella is another famous minimalist artist. He is well known for her artwork that focuses on the design and shape of canvases. The simplicity of Stella's artwork makes it stand out. The large, vibrant colored cut-out, basic shapes instantly caught people's attention and helped Stella develop a trademark statement.

Other examples of contemporary minimalist artworks include:

• Sol LeWitt. Two Open Modular Cubes/Half-Off 1972

• Donald Judd. Untitled 1972

• Frank Stella. Hyena Stomp 1962

• Carl Andre. 144 Magnesium Square 1969

• Carl Andre. Last Ladder 1959

To understand the work of modern minimalist art, you should know that the mantra for this form of art is, 'less is more,' and simplicity is intended. If we take the example of home decor and design, neutral wall colors, simple furniture, and more open space would be the approach of a modern minimalist artist. Minimalist colors are usually black, white, grey, nudes, and light monochromes.

How does modern minimalism differ from contemporary minimalism?

Contemporary and modern terms may seem interchangeable. However, when it comes to art and various art forms, the two terms have absolutely different implications. Modern minimalist art refers to design that is specifically inspired during the era from the early to the mid-twentieth century.

Conversely, when speaking about contemporary design, it is not limited to any specific time period or decade. Contemporary, by definition, points towards art that keeps on evolving. It molds according to popular culture and what is trending. Contemporary art and design is always a fresh take and remains relevant today.

It can be exciting and inspiring to learn more about modern minimalist art and its several different variations. Modern minimalist art focuses on a simplistic approach and gives it a distinctive elegance.

Some may even describe minimalist modern art as quiet. The artist is able to showcase their personality and genre without going overboard. The subtlety and nuance of minimalist modern are admired by my art enthusiasts.



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